Fusion Instruments Kft. is a synthesis of science and technology.

The science background is given as physicists founded the company; we still thrive to understand the customer’s need and provide the best possible solution.

We produce instruments for special tasks with unique capabilities. The APDCAM family of detector cameras was developed for ultrafast low light level applications, where limited spatial resolution is sufficient. APDCAM device parameters are always matched to the given application, therefore ensuring the best possible result. As part of the customization we can also build versions with special frontend optics, mechanical forms, electronics interfaces, detector geometries or even new detector types.

Various accessories are also being developed like multi-channel fast ADC systems or special optics components. We can also provide entire optics solutions for imaging and special observation problems.

Fusion Instruments is the Hungarian representative of PCO AG, a leading scientific camera manufacturer, therefore we can also build entire optics solutions based on high quality scientific PCO cameras and our own products.

Fusion also has a secondary meaning in the company name as the first applications of our unique products were in nuclear fusion experiments. Please find some application examples here.