Application examples

Our APDCAM products can be used wherever MHz range imaging frequency and high sensitivity is needed and limited resolution is sufficient. For application examples please read the cases below:

Since the development of the first APDCAM camera in 2010 our APDCAM and APDCAM-10G products are used in various magnetic fusion experiments all around the word:

JET tokamak (Culham, UK):

Li-beam diagnostic (APDCAM 1G)

MAST tokamak (Culham, UK):

Beam Emission Spectroscopy diagnostic (APDCAM 1G)

ASDEX Upgrade tokamak (Garching bei München, Germany):

Li-beam diagnostic (APDCAM 1G)

Fast Ion Loss diagnostic (APDCAM 1G)

KSTAR tokamak (Daejeon, South Korea): 

Beam Emission Spectroscopy diagnostic (APDCAM 10G 4×16)

Fast Ion Loss detector (APDCAM-1G)

EAST tokamak (Hefei, China): 

Beam Emission Spectroscopy diagnostic (APDCAM 10G 8×16)

Li-beam diagnostic (APDCAM 10G 4×16)

LHD stellarator (Toki, Japan):

Beam Emission Spectrosopy diagnostic (2 pc. APDCAM-1G)